Monday, November 02, 2009

War on Christmas, er, FOX

Remember a few years ago when we fought the War on Christmas? We all lined up, took sides, and then had a fight until January, when a War on Christmas truce was declared until next Christmas season.

It was a war made up and perpetuated by Fox News.

And now, we have a war against Fox News. Apparently, the White House started it. Which is a little bit like Japan accusing the US of starting WWII.

And, for that matter, FOX News and Opinion Network (see video) ignores the War the Bush Administration waged against MSNBC. How many exclusive interviews did FX get with the VPOTUS Cheney from 2001-2008?

As usual, Jon Stewart hit the nail on the head:

I heard a quote last week that said that Fox News is to news what MTV is to Music.


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