Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bob to Smack Forehead

See what I did there? I titled a blog post about US Senate Candidate Cherilyn Eagar trying to imply she was going to be closer to Sarah Palin than the rest of us by using a play on her last name. Cute, huh?

Apparently, the Eagar campaign thought so. What, with their press release headlined "Eagar to attend Sarah Palin book signing." Or creating a rally group in the parking lot called "Eagar to Support Sarah Palin."

So, you;d think the campaign was wanting to let people know their candidate would be sharing a stage with the formerGovernor of Alaska or maybe do a photo shoot, right?


From the Deseret News:

Eagar, who is one of one of many challengers to Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, acknowledges she has received no endorsement from Palin. In fact, Eagar does not even have an appointment to meet with Palin and simply will be standing in line with others hoping to get a signed copy of Palin's book when Palin visits a Costco in Salt Lake City on Dec. 9 to sign books from noon to 3 p.m.



Anonymous said...

Hey, she is a Palin fan. Better than a Benett fan, or a Hillary fan, or ...?

Better than some of the Utah/BYU tailgate parties.


So Eagar is endorsing what Palin is trying to do. What is the big deal?

Why does she have to get Palin to endorse her before she can endorse Palin?

I would bet Eagar has a bunch of fans that are also Palin fans. Slow news day?

So what if Eagar gets 50 more or 500 more Palin fans to show up to buy a book. Is that a bad thing?

Anonymous said...

Eagar has the same principles and morales of Reagan. So does Palin. The fact that they are both women makes them similar. Is it any wonder why so many people call Eagar "Utah's Sarah Palin"?

Bob said...

This is akin to Sen Bennet sending out a press release "Senator Bennett to attend Jazz game." I just can't see why she is doing it. Other than to try to confuse people into thinking there is a Palin, Eagar connection.

Oh, and most people calling her Utah's Sarah Palin are not using it as a term of endearment....

Oldenburg said...

I am with Bob on this one. Eagar is eager to have people confusing her endorsement of Palin with Palin endorsing her.

Now part of me wishes I would be there went she hands Palin a book to sign and says to her idol, "Please make me the next Doug Hoffman!"

And really she would be. If she were to win the GOP nomination, here comes Sen. Granato.

Anonymous said...

Maybe people are trying to slam Eagar by calling her a Sarah Palin, but she loves it, her supporters love it and, if Sarah Palin knew Eagar, she'd probably love it, too. Palin is not the bimbo the media thinks she is; she's a principled, dedicated, conservative woman with a message we want to hear. Why shouldn't Eagar endorse her? The only people who confuse the direction of this endorsement are the ones who graduated from journalism schools.

Anonymous said...

Cherilyn Eagar IS Utah's Sarah Palin; the small-minded bickering class hates her, and the extreme left in Utah (yes, I realize it seems like I'm being redundant, but believe it or not, not all small-minded bickering people are extreme leftists; just most of them!) HAAAAAAATES both of them. Term of endearment? It is and is not, depending upon the speaker. And if it's a hateful thing, then it's a compliment to Cherilyn, because Cherilyn stands on Principle, and the left HAAAAAAATES that. They can't compete, as they have no principles, except political power at any cost...

For the record, Cherilyn isn't attempting to deceive anybody, but those who are claiming so are attempting to deceive anybody who'll listen because they can't stand conservative women with principles. Hence the hatred and the whisper campaign.