Thursday, December 03, 2009

Max Hall is why I Hate Mormons

I don't hate all Mormons. Just some of them. Heck, I'm LDS.

I used to call the Utah Mormons. However, I have started to realize that the more correct term is BYU Mormon.

Don't get me wrong, there are some good people in Provo. There are also plenty of BYU Mormons attending the U. There are also plenty of BYU Mormons in other parts of the country. Many come from California.

So, just what is a BYU Mormon? Well, City Weekly's John Saltas hit the nail on the head in his column this week:

Max Hall is a “righteous, holier-than-thou BYU jerk,” according to a good LDS friend with whom I spoke this morning. “They just don’t get it,” he said. “They make us all look stupid.”

Who are “they?” They’re all those people like Max Hall who put an ugly face on the religion and institution they claim to love and represent. He’s the football-playing missionary who BYU’s preachy coach Bronco Mendenhall bargained for—delivering acidic fighting words one minute and hollow solemnities the next. Until he wises up, his original words define him.

Athletes from most schools represent their school. However, Athletes from BYU represent more. They represent the Church. Their Current Coach, Bronco Mendenhall, has made that clear.

Watch this video and see if it doesn't rile you up just a little.

If God really cared that much about Football, BYU would win every game, every year.

And, the other thing that got to me about Max's comments was when he said that Utah didn't deserve to win. Yet, it was a tie game after regulation, and Max only competed 37% of his passes.

And, classless people weren't only wearing red that day:

Stax classy, Max!


I am Laura said...

I watched 29 seconds of that first video and threw up in my mouth. I am with you Bob.

Anonymous said...

How is the first video relevant? It wasn't made by Hall, by Mendenhall, or by anyone affiliated with BYU in any official capacity. Obviously the person who made it has a hard time separating football from religion. But point taken in general--obviously there are self-righteous BYU fans just like there are rude, anti-Mormon Utah fans. It's a shame when either side makes the rivalry about religion.

For the second video, one can show just as many (if not more) clips with punches thrown by Utah players during the game. And one can also bring out quotes by Alex Smith and Morgan Scalley that were no better than Hall's post-game comments.

Elaine said...

I agree with Anonymous. It isn't just self-righteous BYU fans. It's sacrilegious and insensitive Utah fans too. Both sides are to blame. I mean, is Utah so boring that everyone in the state gets riled up for this game? This rivalry seethes with hatred on both sides.

Bob said...

The video as made by a BYU fan. Which is why it's relevant to the post (the post isn't just about Max Hall).

Also, yes, there have been cheap shots made by both teams, but none of the players except Max Hall made a cheap shot and then turned around and called the other team classless.

Also, Morgan Scalley and Alex Smith only represent their school. However, when you play for BYU, you not only represent your school, but you also represent the Church. Bronco Mendenhall has said it repeatedly.

Anonymous said...

Jesus said love everyone/
treat them kindly too/
when your heart is full of love/
Jesus will love you

Seth R. said...

I graduated from BYU. And I strongly object to anyone making these guys representative of everyone at that school.

Anonymous said...

utah sucks

Anonymous said...

i have been in this god forsaken place 11 months do you need to be a mormon to get a job?

Seth R. said...

No. The job market just sucks everywhere right now.

Anonymous said...

I don't really care what school Max Hall went to. I care more about his faith personally. Is he a self-proclaimed mormon?

Anonymous said...

any rivalry is like this let's be real. I do feel hate is a strong word and I think your about BYU Mormons... Are there not so great people at BYU. Yes. But same with Utah. Any ute would have said similar.

Anonymous said...

I just hate them.