Tuesday, December 01, 2009

UT-02: Four, Maybe a Fifth Candidate?

Jim Matheson is facing some competition next year.

I talked about Dave Glissmeyer last week.

Now, we have Ryan Kelly running as an independent as well. From his Web Site:

We the people have a duty to our country to defend our liberty and our right to choose what is best for ourselves. This is why I seek to be elected to our Federal government. I feel that few in our government now are willing to defend our rights as they should. They have stopped listening to us, and rather than use our power to vote to remove these people from office, almost half of us stay at home and let them do things for us. America needs a Congress that remembers they are chosen by the people to represent them to the rest of the nation. America needs people who remember that when government fails in its duty to represent the will of the people, we must use the power of the vote to replace those elected with people who will do as we ask them.

And, on the Republican side, Casey Anderson has been running for several months now. From his web site:

Two years ago - after seeing the national debt nearly double in only two terms, the continued foreign policy of entangling alliances and interventionist foreign policy, as well as the continued erosion of civil liberties at home, Casey decided it was time to get active in politics before it was too late. He was elected by his neighbors to be a County Delegate and State Delegate for the Utah Republican party and more recently he was elected to represent his county as a member of the State Central Committee, which is the primary governing body of the state party. He is currently working to get liberty-minded individuals elected in various offices throughout the state.

And Joe over at Sausage Grinder posted this morning that former Republican legislator Morgan Philpot is considering a run as well.

Things are getting interesting.....


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Anonymous said...

Morgan Philpot would be really great. Do you think we can both talk him in to it?