Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Of Popularity and Polls

From Utah Policy:

Atty. Gen. Mark Shurtleff has an approval rating of 63%, the second highest rating among Utah's top politicians, only behind Congressman Jim Matheson at 71%....

After Shurtleff comes Sen. Orrin Hatch, 62%; Sen. Bob Bennett, 58%; Gov. Gary Herbert, 57%; SL County Mayor Peter Corroon, 45%; Congressman Jason Chaffetz, 41%; and Congressman Rob Bishop, 39%. Those statewide numbers are the results of a survey conducted by Dan Jones & Associates Jan. 8-11, with a 600 sample and a possible 4% error margin, plus or minus.

Ah! Panic! Corroon only has 45% approval Numbers, right?

Well, these are statewide numbers. Corroon's numbers actually look pretty good:

Corroon, who is running for governor, has a relatively low favorability rating at 45% statewide, but he also has the lowest unfavorable rating of all politicians, at only 12%, and a whopping 40% have no opinion or haven't heard of him. So those who have a locked-in opinion about him are overwhelmingly positive. In his home stomping grounds of Salt Lake County he has a very healthy 67% favorability rating.

LaVarr Webb, who wrote the piece, doesn't say what Governor Herbert's disapproval numbers are. I'd be interested to see that.


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