Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Utahn Tweeting Problems With Haiti Rescue

Sometimes, the reporting from the scene can help the restof us grasp just how bad situation can be. Even if that reporting is 140 characters or less.

Utah County developer (and owner of the NBADL Utah Flash) Brandt Anderson is traveling with a group of doctors to Haiti,bringing supplies with them. They were unable to get clearance to land in Haiti, so they flew into the Dominican Republic and drove the supplies to Haiti. Well, they tried to. Here's his posts on Twitter from this morning:

*in dominican republic driving to haiti. long trip. plans to fly into port au prince didnt come through.

*In DR. Shocking that aid is not lined up to get into Haiti. We are the only ones on the road. This is the way in and aid is not headed in

*We are close to the border. Almost into Haiti. We are starting to see refugees sleeping in te streets.

*I have spent several hours on the phone because the Dominican Army will not let fuel pass over to Haiti. It is a huge unreported problem.

*Without fuel we cannot power our hospital. I thought it was just us but at the border there are at least 10 furl tankers that can't leave.

*Just crossed into Haiti. The difference is evident.

*The border is a mess Understandable that the DR military wants to keep people out but they should let the aid and fuel pass through

This will be an interesting story to follow.

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