Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wayne Holland Statement on Sheldon Killpack

“Senate Republican Leader Sheldon Killpack’s circumstances are tragic – for him and his family, his constituents and colleagues, and for the public who he may have endangered.

We ask all Utahns to honor the principle that he is to be presumed innocent of the charge of driving under the influence until proven guilty. However, his decision to refuse to comply with the investigating police officer’s request for breath test shows that he did not deal with this in a responsible, forthright manner.

As a public figure, he knows that he will be held to a high standard. We expect that there will be consequences for his leadership position and his position as Chair of the Senate Ethics Committee."

However, this is the Utah Senate we're talking abut. Even if he were stripped of his committee chairmanship, it would be returned to him by the end of the year. Just look at Senator Buttars....

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