Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Delegate Email From Claudia Wright

Hello, Fellow Democrat! Congratulations on becoming a delegate to the upcoming Utah State Democratic Convention. My name is Claudia Wright. I am writing to request your support as the Democratic candidate for the US House of Representatives in Utah's District 2.

In the weeks ahead, you will receive phone calls from me or one of my small staff of committed volunteers. I want to make you familiar with my positions on some of the issues I believe are important to you, so that you are prepared to ask any questions you may have in order to make an informed and confident decision as you cast your vote on May 8.

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Why I believe Utah needs a progressive Democrat in Congress:

Americans expect our representatives to be accountable to their constituents, not to corporate interests and lobbyists.

Utah Democrats expect their representatives to support basic Utah Democratic party platform principles.

Ordinary citizens must take back the election process and reclaim grassroots democracy.

My position on corporate money in politics:

The recent US Supreme Court ruling designating corporations as people makes the buying of American elections inevitable. In order to correct this, two remedies are necessary:

Elections must be publicly financed and only publicly financed.

We must pass a constitutional amendment that strips corporations of their claim to “personal constitutional rights.”

My position on health care:

Health care is a civil right.

The US spends more than any other industrialized nation on health care but ranks 37th among industrialized nations for quality of health care because one third of every health care dollar is spent on administrative costs. The truth is that better health care costs less.

The simplest way to make health care affordable and universally available is to expand the existing Medicare system (one of the most popular and effective innovations in American history, and a champion in minimizing administrative costs) to all Americans.

My position on labor and unions:
Labor unions are an essential underpinning of a safe and humane workplace.
Although workers' rights to collective bargaining and binding arbitration is protected by the Wagner Act, battles won by workers in the workplace are often lost in the courts because of the National Labor Relations Board's lack of enforcement.
I support the Employee Free Choice Act, reinforcing workers' rights to collective bargaining and binding arbitration, and the right to unionize without their employer's permission.
My position on the climate crisis and the environment:
Every US state and every world nation has a responsibility to protect our shared future.

We must protect Utah's water, wildlife, working farms and ranches by creating and enforcing tougher emissions controls and employing strategies for emissions reduction. Use of existing technologies, incentives, and a federal carbon tax will advance this goal.

Utah is already among the 5 fastest growing states for wind energy. Utah must lead the nation, and the US must lead the world, in creating new jobs in the wind power, geothermic, and solar industries, moving beyond the fossil fuels of the past.

My position on immigration:

The Dream Act 2010, currently before Congress, might initiate immigration reform but is not a comprehensive reform policy.

Congress must approach immigration reform with rigorous compassion and honesty.

Doing nothing creates an underclass of undocumented workers who are unconscionably exploited.

I invite you to visit my website, www.claudiawrightforutah.org, and click on “Issues” to learn more about my positions on these and other issues. You can learn more about my history as an educator and activist and about the history of this campaign there as well. You can contact me by replying to this email.

Thank you for participating in the grassroots democratic process! I welcome conversation with you, and I would be honored to earn your vote.


Claudia Wright

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