Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Delegate's Thoughts on Trinkets

I've been a Democratic delegate since 2004. However, this is the first time I have been able to vote in a close race at convention.

In fact, I'll get to vote in three or four close races between the state and county conventions.

This year, I've only been a delegate for a short time, but I thought this was funny when I read it in today's Political Cornflakes from the Trib:

Salt Lake Democratic delegate Christopher Katis tells us he has had enough of the cookies and buttons and little trinkets left at his doorstep. He’s also tired of the invites to meet and greets over every conceivable meal. “I may end up voting for the candidates who haven’t left a gift at my door or invite me to any parties,” he says. And this comes with more than three weeks remaining before the conventions.

I expected the phone calls and the emails and the meet-and-greet invitations. However, I really didn't expect the goody bags.

Well, it's been two goody bags thus far. One contained a cookie with the candidate's name on it (but horrible taste), a unique button for my collection (yes, I collect them), and and invite to some meet and greets the candidate was hosting.

The other goody bag contained a very cool notepad, some salt water taffy, and an invite to a meet and greet.

What neither gift bag did was give me any indication of why I should vote for them.

Do they think I can be bought with cool trinkets? I have a much higher price than that... :)


Jesse Harris said...

If I see you sporting a new Macbook Pro, I'll know what happened. ;)

Bob said...

I'm more of a PC guy, myself.... I've been sorely disappointed by Apple lately.

However, an iPod touch or the likes would come in handy..... ;)