Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Delegate Email: Peter Corroon Endorses Jim Matheson

April 20, 2010
Dear Utah Democratic Delegate:
Our party has a lot on the line this year. We need to build on the progress our candidates have made at the local and county level by returning Jim Matheson to Congress, supporting our Democratic legislative candidates, keeping our Salt Lake County Council majority and taking back the Utah governor’s office.
Ever since Jim Matheson was first elected, he has been an asset to our state and a champion for our values. Just to name a few of Jim’s accomplishments:
• Jim has blocked the development and testing of new nuclear weapons.
• Jim forced the Department of Energy to safely clean up the radioactive waste on the banks of the Colorado River.
• Jim stood up to EnergySolutions bringing in the world’s nuclear garbage.
• Jim backed fair wage and labor standards.
• Jim has fought against poverty.
• Jim has helped expand mass transit to clean the air.
Over the past 10 years, Jim Matheson has done more for our party than simply win his Congressional races. He has put money into party organization. His field planning and get-out-the-vote efforts have bolstered Democratic candidates throughout the 2nd CD. And he has persuaded key independent and moderate Republican voters to abandon straight-party ticket voting in favor of crossing over to support Democrats.
I urge you to stand with me in support of Jim Matheson at the State Convention on May 8th. This is about representing Utah values and furthering the progress we have made as Democrats in a place where Republicans have called the shots for way too long.
Let’s unite behind Jim Matheson and give every Utah Democrat the best possible chance to win in November.
Peter Corroon