Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Delegate Email: Rep. Brian King & Attorneys Endorse Sim Gill

Dear Bob,
I am honored to announce the endorsement of State Representative and Attorney Brian S. King. Brian has joined a host of many from the legal community endorsing my campaign, including:

David Yocom, Former Salt Lake County District Attorney
Bud Ellett, Former Deputy District Attorney
Harold G. Christensen, Former Deputy US Attorney General
Raymond S. Uno, Retired 3rd District Court Judge
Richard C. Howe, Retired Chief Justice, Utah Supreme Court
F. John Hill, Retired Director, Legal Defenders Association
Rocky Anderson
Gil Athay
Cullen Battle
Francis Carney
David S. Dolowitz
Thomas J. Erbin
Russell Fericks
David E. Gee
Lincoln Hobbs
Rick Knuth
Perrin Love
Scott Loveless
Scott McCoy
Blake Nakamura
Doug Owens
Stewart Ralphs
Pat Shea
George R. Sutton
Ron Yengich
I am proud to have the support of such a diverse and talented group of Utah attorneys. Join them in supporting my campaign at the Salt Lake County Democratic Convention, Saturday, April 24th, and cast your delegate vote for Sim Gill!
Kindest Regards,

Sim Gill, Candidate
Salt Lake County District Attorney

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