Friday, April 23, 2010

An open Letter to NBA Commissioner David Stern

Commissioner Stern-

I read an article in today's Deseret News that you want coaches to stop criticizing your referees.

It's like you don't think that NBA fans will notice the bad officiating if the coaches stop talking about it.

I've been blessed to watch a lot of basketball up close the past several years. Anything from High School to the NBA.

Yes, referees make mistakes. However, I see fewer mistakes in college games than in the NBA.

I also see mistakes that go both ways in college. However, I see many instances where officials will call games, or portions of games, very lopsided in favor of one team (or player). I've seen enough evidence to know that Tom Donaghy wasn't an isolated incident, nor was he entirely inaccurate in his book, which I'll be the first inline to purchase once it is published.

It used to be that if there was an NBA game on TV, I'd watch it. This was esecially true during the playoffs. Now, once my Utah Jazz are eliminated, I don't watch anymore. The last several years, I couldn't even tell you who made the finals.

I'll continue to root for my Jazz, much in the same way that I used to root for my favorite pro wrestler as a kid. But, as far as I'm concerned, the NBA can wither away and die.

-Bob Aagard
Former NBA Fan

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