Monday, April 26, 2010

Thoughts on the 2010 Salt Lake County Democratic Convention

When I got home from this year's convention Saturday, I posted on Facebook that I have a real hate/love relationship with political conventions.

I love going, but I hate being there. Long and tedious.

Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to the state convention on May 8. But I'll also be glad when it's over.

And now, some random thoughts as they would have probably come to you via live blogging or tweeting if I had the ability Saturday. (If I had been smart, I would have used the cool notebook Holly Mullen gave me to write these thought down. Instead, you have to rely on my memory.)

*I have been to most Democratic Conventions held in the county since 2004, plus one Republican one. Add to that numerous fairs and other "community events" where I have helped run a booth or just gone to as a patron. Every candidate booth looks exactly the same. Except Holly Mullen's. I think that I would have bought something from her, had she been selling something, it was that slick and professional. Also, donating a tree to Tree Utah for every endorsement was a great idea. (I didn't get a picture of the booth.)

*Arlyn Bradshaw had these potted trees all over the place with postcards with his name hanging from them. Very cool idea.

*I like that they split the caucus meetings into two groupings, so that it was possible to attend more than one. I made a cameo appearance in the education caucus (before I remembered that my brain wasn't yet fully engaged and the room was starting to fill up), and then an hour later went to the Young Democrats caucus.

*I love having candidates stop by caucuses, but it makes it really hard to conduct any business when candidates take all the time. I also think some deference to candidates in contested races should be paid.

*I am sick of candidates coming in and talking to the Young Democrats like we're all in high school. Most of us aren't.

*I'm amazed at the number of people who see my name and go "hey, you're the blogger, right?" It makes me proud, but at the same time, I have no witty comeback.

*I spent a good 20 minutes talking to Representative Jim Matheson about bicycle safety, earmarks, healthcare, redistricting, the Jazz, and blogging.

*I also spent several minutes talking to Claudia Wright about her pet issues, and what "moderate" means.

*And,I finally got to meet Christopher Stout. I was very impressed.

*I had a real tough time deciding who to vote for for District Attorney. I was leaning towards Sim Gill, then was to the point of wearing a Sim Gill button, to taking off the button and leaning slightly towards Greg Skordas, before then leaning slightly toward Sim Gill again, but asking some friends (and a few complete strangers) why I should vote for their candidate of choice. In the end, I voted for Sim.

*Two brilliant moves involving food: 1) The Young Democrats selling Little Cesar's Pizza for $2/slice and Big K Cola for $1/can. 2) Holly Mullen having Gelato. Awesome.

*Why aren't there recycling bins at the convention? I thought we were the environmentally friendly party.

Overall, it was a great convention. I give it a B+. Which is the highest grade I'd give any county convention I've been to.

And, I'm ready to make endorsements in the Senate and US House races. Look for those by week's end. I am also planning on making an endorsement in the House District 25 race. I'm going to be sending the candidates a questionnaire today, and hope to have the endorsement ready by next Monday at the latest.


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