Sunday, May 09, 2010

Glenn Beck in Utah July 17 -- Nosebleed seats $45

Glenn beck, who recently said on his radio show that "Utah has played a really nasty role in the history of our country...." will coming coming to Utah on July 17, performing at Energy Solutions Arena.

And, tickets start at $45 (+"fees") for upper bowl seats. Those same seats cost $48 for Jazz games.

Sitting close enough to see the tears running down Glenn's face will cost you upwards of $175.

The American Revival is unlike any other event Glenn Beck has ever undertaken-it's a full day of Glenn-he's the explosive opener, the grand finale, and an integral part of every moment in-between. Through the lessons learned from our history and the real stories behind today's headlines, Glenn and his guests will return your attention to the fundamental ideals of Faith, Hope and Charity to engage your passion and show once and for all that it's not "they the politicians" but we the people who have the power to restart the heart of America

I'm so excited! (NOT!)


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