Monday, June 28, 2010

My Friends Kim Evans and Joe Clark

Allow me to get a little personal for a moment......

Joe Clark is one of those guys that you would want your little sister to date. In fact,I've tried to get Joe to date my little sister a few times.

Kim Evans was one of those girls that was as warm and bright as the yellow shirts she was fond of wearing.

The same yellow that members of my ward were wearing yesterday in her honor.

In case you've missed the news the past couple of days, Joe and Kim were on a first date Saturday up Bell's Canyon. They tried crossing the creek above the falls, and Kim fell in. Joe went in after her, and both fell over the falls. Bystanders, complete strangers, pulled Joe from the river and provided first aid until rescuers arrived.

Unfortunately, that was the last time anyone saw Kim.

So, we hug our friends a little closer. We thank God for the miracle of Joe's survival. We also pray that the waters may recede so that Kim's body may be recovered, so that her family can find closure.

And we try to get to know each other just a little better. Because you never know.....


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