Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Maybe I should quit.....

I realize that this is the umpteenth time you've read a "goodbye cruel world" post from me over the years, but I need to get it off my chest.

I don't know what has happened lately. I don't have the drive I once had. There's a post that I've wanted to write for about three weeks.

But I've been scared to write it.

I've been scared because it is a post that would anger many of my readers. Many would accuse me of being bought or switching allegiance.

It was a fear grounded in reality, as I saw the same thing happen to others.

I felt it important enough that I had trouble making many other posts until I got that one done. But I couldn't bring myself to take care of it.

So, I suffered. The blog suffered.

It's about 8 days too late to make said post. I've been meaning to fire this thing back up, but a trip to Idaho and other events of the past few days (see previous post) have conspired against me.

And, I'm already starting to feel campaign fatigue. In June.

So, if I disappear, you know why. If I suddenly get back to my 10 posts/week, you'll know why as well.


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