Monday, June 07, 2010

My Personal Response to GOP Chair Dave Hansen's Comments on Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas:

OK, that was bad. But, was it bad enough to generate these comments from Utah Republican Party Chairman Dave Hansen (via today's Political Cornflakes)?

"Helen Thomas has clearly lost any semblence of rational thinking and has let her bigoted views of Israel and Jews take over. Yes Helen, its time for you to retire. You might be more comfortable living out your remaining years in a white supremacist enclave in northern Idaho."

Maybe Ms Thomas can take a few of Mr Hansen's party members with her. Namely Senator Buttars, Representatives Wimmer and Sanstrom, and Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater, too. Their comments have been just as bad, if not worse, than those of Ms Thomas.

I'm sure they'll all love it up there with those folks.


(P.S. - I know that Senator Buttars is in the hospital with health issues. I hope he gets better soon.)


arc said...

I don't know Helen Thomas.

I have met the others you have mentioned and do not believe they deserve that.

We need to remove and not create any rewards and incentives for immigrants to come here and be here illegally.

If you think that is racist, you might as well add 85% of the population of the US to that list.

MuddleVanHeck said...


You're so completely "out there," you might as well be a satellite.

To even remotely compare the list of people you have to Helen Thomas' genocidal wishes for an entire class of people is OUTRAGEOUS! While you continue to defend her, keep in mind that you're saying more about you than her.

Frankly, it's sickening.

Bob said...

Helen Thomas wanted the Jewish people to "go back to where they came from." Germany,Poland, and the United States.

As far as I know, no Jews in the United States circe 1940's was a victim of Genocide.

The other people I mentioned in my post want Latinos to "go back where they came from." Yes, they say that it's just "illegals" that they are concerned about, but they are willing to allow legal immigrants of Latino decent to be harassed by authorities. Let's not mention the United States Citizens of Latino decent that they want to have lose their citizenship based on the sins of their parents.

I agree that illegal immigration is a problem. However, none of the proposals by the people mentioned address illegal immigrants, other than abusing Latinos.

MuddleVanHeck said...


The difference here is that the illegal immigrants aren't the victims of a never-ending terrorist campaign to wipe them off the map.

Everyone trying to blame Israel for their defense of the homeland has proven themselves to be revisionist historians; the borders have been settled (much like our own), and even if the UN were to partition another state for Israel to inhabit, just how long would it be until these terrorists surrounded them again with their wish to destroy them?

This is very much like the situation we face with our southern border. The folks who are trying to reclaim our land as their own have openly disputed settled treaties and land purchases. The movement towards "Aztlan Reconquista" is a very disturbing parallel with what's occurring in Israel. Most of us (emphasis on MOST) want to see this situation not get out of hand.

There is a very strong anti-American sentiment amongst the folks coming here over the last few years. One only need attend a few of these protests to see for themselves the signage demanding that WE go back to Europe.

The people to whom you referred are simply mirroring the concerns of the electorate. The vast majority of us want an end to this occupation before we end up being in the same situation as Israel faces on a daily basis.

They absolutely have the right to defend themselves and their right to exist in their homeland, as do we. Further still, if you read their history, they inhabited the Holy Land long before the U.N. became involved in the partition.

Helen's comments were treated as an insult to everybody who knows their history, and her desire to uproot them and start over with no land is utterly appalling and is indeed hateful antisemitism. Furthermore, it emboldens our own enemies (radical Islam), which most would agree is the wrong message we want to send.

Our efforts to hold our elected leader's feet to the fire in terms of the illegal occupation from foreign nationals to buy 'votes' for a party quickly losing favor with the American people is treason. We refuse to allow these traitors/pols to become as corrupt as the government/oligarchs in Mexico, which everyone knows is a wealthy country.

We celebrate the positions that our candidates are taking, and we want this problem dealt with.

The people have spoken, and it's time we're finally heard.

rmwarnick said...

Helen Thomas is a national treasure, and she will be missed. It's sad she is retiring after a YouTube "macaca moment." For 50 years, it often seemed like she was the only real journalist in the White House press room, usually filled with sycophants.

MuddleVanHeck said...


I agree with you on the "macaca moment." But is it not fair to ask how she should receive a pass for her poorly-received opinions?

What if someone said we should send blacks back to Africa? It would and SHOULD be horrible. The idiot saying such a thing would and SHOULD lose their job.

We have to accept accountability for the things we say, whether we be liberal or conservative. Wouldn't you agree?

Boobie Max said...

98 percent of Utah's elected Republicans are racist. That's why the Utah legislature is going to outlaw watermelon and make it a "States Rights" issue.