Friday, September 17, 2010

Culture of Corruption

From my Facebook status update (because it's my blog,and I can do what I want):

While I think it's obscene for politicians to be able to accept $50,000 donations, I have no real problems with it. However, when said donors have contacts or are seeking contracts with the state, that becomes a problem. When said large-money donors seeking government contracts get sit-down meetings in the Governor's Office, there is something wrong. When it happens three times, there's a pattern of corruption...

..when it happens three times, and you've only been in office for 13 months, that's an even bigger problem.

When the state agency giving the contract changes the rules while reviewing the bids, and changes it in favor of the donor, that's dishonorable. When said agency has to pay the losing company $13Million to avoid a lawsuit, that is bad for Utah.

When the best comeback you have when these facts come out is that you opponent is playing dirty, you have a problem. Especially when you threw the first mud. (Look up Herbert's responses to Corroon's education plan.)


Anonymous said...

You did neglect to note that Peter Corroon does the same thing as Herbert.... don't "Facts matter?"

Phillip Bell, EA said...

Not quite lawafterthebar.

Holly failed to note that the Gardner/Gateway contract has been active since before Corroon's election as SLCo Mayor.

Way to try and excuse the Guv with a 7th grade "everyone's doing it" argument.

Bob said...

Actually, Dan,it's not exactly the same thing: