Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fact-Checking Governor Herbert -- Dew Tour Edition

This is probably the most petty post I'll write this week. But, facts matter. And, when you get them wrong, sometimes it's funny.

Take This quote from the Deseret News article about Governor Herbert welcoming the Dew Tour back to Utah:

Herbert said he was impressed with how sports in the state have evolved over the years.

"It's much more diverse," he said, then listing some interesting facts about the tour's appearance in Utah. Such as:

In 2009 Salt Lake City had the highest attendance of any stop on the Dew Tour with 57,329 fans.

It was broadcast in 50 countries and 180 million homes. On tape delay, it was broadcast into another 180 countries. "It's 58 hours of live television coverage," Herbert said.

Now, I am willing to say that the Deseret News misquoted the Governor. Especially in light of an article posted online a few days ago that said that Jimmy Carter was in the White House AFTER Ronald Reagan.

But, let's assume the DNews got it right. It means the Governor got it wrong.

He said that it is broadcast in 230 countries ("50 countries" + another 180 countries "on tape delay"). However, the US State Department only recognizes 194 countries. And, if he meant 180 countries including those via tape delay, that means that only 14 countries don'tget to see it. I wonder which ones those are.

And, he said it's 58 hours of LIVE television coverage. According to this schedule from the Dew Tour, there are only 33.5 hours that gates are open in total. Competition doesn't encompass that whole time, and there's only 1.5 hours that there is more than one competition going on at the same time. Not to mention that comparing that schedule with TV Listings shows that not all of it is broadcast anyway.

So, there's an extra 24 hours of live broadcast left to fill this weekend. Maybe Governor Herbert can use that time to figure out who is running this state.


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