Friday, October 01, 2010

Headline of the Week: "Shurtleff: Beer group drafted my testimony"

From the Trib:

Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday in support of a measure that would cede control of liquor sales to states, a move that comes as some groups are using federal courts to strike down state laws regulating alcohol.

After the hearing, Shurtleff acknowledged that the general counsel for the National Beer Wholesalers Association, Paul Pisano, drafted his testimony — with Shurtleff’s input.

“He gave me some information,” Shurtleff said in a telephone interview as he was boarding a plane Wednesday evening. “I was communicating with him, and he drafted it for me because I was coming straight here [to Washington, D.C.]”

Shurtleff later explained that Pisano arranged for his trip to the nation’s capital and he knew Pisano could print it out for him. An electronic copy of Shurtleff’s testimony submitted to the Judiciary Committee indicates that the author of the Word document was “ppisano.”

Pisano didn’t return a late call seeking comment.

Why write your own speech when a lobbyist can do it for you?

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