Wednesday, October 06, 2010

UTA Boss Makes more than Herbert, Corroon combined

Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon makes $138,806.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert makes $140,084.

Combined, that's $278,890 that taxpayers pay the executives of the two largest governments in Utah.

And, combined, they make $70,000 less than the boss over at UTA.

From MSNBC (via Out of Context):

Utah is among the most forward-thinking mass transit states in the United States, as Salt Lake boasts a modern and rapidly expanding light rail system that is the envy of many cities. Still, General Manager John Inglish’s salary of $350,000 last year -- exceeded the pay of top transportation bosses in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver and Phoenix. Inglish even makes more than the head of the highly scrutinized Washington, D.C., Metro system chief John Catoe, who was paid $315,000 annually before stepping down earlier this year. And it’s roughly equal to New York City transportation chief Jay Walder’s, who is currently facing calls to accept a salary cut amid fare hikes and service cuts.

I don't know how "forward thinking" UTA is, though. Yes, we have an expanding light rail system, but we also have a shrinking bus system.


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