Wednesday, October 06, 2010

You'd think the Dnews would know better, and that Herbert would be happier....

It was the biggest no-duh moment of the campaign so far: Mitt Romney says he supports Gary Herbert. It was as obvious as saying the Capitol is made of granite. But still,you'd think the Governor would be happier about it:

And, he's been the Executive of Utah's largest government (other than the state itself) for six years, and was a candidate for that office for nearly a year before that.  And now he's a major party candidate for Governor.  So you think that,more than 24 hours after the story was first published, someone at the Deseret News would have noticed that they misspelled Peter Corroon's name.  (See-Oh-Double Arr-Double Oh-En is how I was taught back in 2004)

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