Tuesday, March 08, 2011

3 reasons Governor Herbert Signed HB477 tonight.

One political saying I've heard is "always release bad news on Friday afternoon." The theory being that nobody watches the news on Friday evening and never on Saturday, and by Sunday it's old news.

I'm sure that Gary Herbert planned on signing HB477 on a Friday. Maybe not this Friday, but the next.

Another political saying goes "Release bad news in either a busy news cycle or when there are worse stories to cover up."

Which is the perfect storm fr the Governor to make HB477 the 19th bill he signed in 2011, on Tuesday Night.

What big stories do we have?

1. Two missing snowmobilers were found safe this evening. The local news just gushes over this type of story. Top story of the day.
2. A rally against HB477 and the Governor was held outside his office today. By making the story the bill signing instead of the rally, the news won't report on the views of the people, or so the thinking goes (disclaimer: I was the organizer of the rally. More on that story tomorrow.)
3. A member of Herbert's staff was arrested today. At his office. For sexual abuse of a minor.

So many stories, not enough newsprint.

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