Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Gary Herbert's HB477 Logic is Bass-Ackwards

I'm not much of a handy person, but I do know one thing: When you are building something with wood, you measure the wood you want to cut, then you cut it.

Unless you live in Gary Herbert land. In Gary Herbert land, you cut the wood, then measure it.

Gary Herbert's statement on signing HB477, from Society of Professional Journalists:

“With HB477 now amended, the delayed implementation date allows us to have an open public process with robust, deliberate engagement by the public, the media and lawmakers,” said Governor Herbert. “Our goal is open and transparent government. This bill provides a way to find the right balance between the public’s right to know and the personal privacy of both constituents and policymakers, while protecting taxpayer dollars.”

Passing a bill THEN having public input is so backwards it's scary. It's like holding an election and THEN campaigning.

It's just plain wrong, and the citizens know it!

If Governor Herbert truly valued open government, he would have urged the Legislature to table the bill and promise them he'd hold a special session after everyone had put their input in.

But, he didn't do it. He signed the bill, one of only 19 bills he's signed this year.

From talking to people of all political stripes today (Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Conservatives, Moderates, Democrats, TeaPartiers, Progressives) who all said that they would actively work against the reelection of anyone who supported HB477, including Gary Herbert.

Gary Herbert may have signed his retirement papers tonight.

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