Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mitt Romney Bully Story Is An Issue Because He's Still A Bully

By now, you've probably heard about how Mitt Romney allegedly bullied a kid in high school.  Mitt's "denial" was that he did some crazy things in high school, doesn't remember this incident, and besides, he didn't know the kid was gay.

First, gay kids aren't the only ones who get bullied.  As a straight kid who got bullied a lot, I know.

Second, by saying he didn't know the kid was gay, but doesn't remember this incident leads me to think that maybe he did bully the kid.  Maybe not to the extreme portrayed in the post, but by his own admission, he wasn't exactly an angel.

So, why does it matter?  Well, because Mitt hasn't really grown out of it.  As Paul Begala wrote:

One can draw a straight line from the young man who pinned down a terrified teenager and walked a blind man into a closed door, to the adult who put the family dog in a kennel and strapped it to the roof of the car, to the businessman who laid off hundreds of people, cancelled their health benefits, and paid himself millions while their company went bankrupt. And the line continues: the governor who slashed education and raised fees on the middle class, and the possible president who would use his power to cut taxes on his fellow millionaires while pushing for the gradual demise of traditional Medicare. 
Then there is the aura of someone who acts as if the rules don't apply to him.The Post reported that the abused boy was ultimately expelled from Cranbrook—for smoking a cigarette. Really. The victim got expelled for smoking a cigarette, but Mitt faced no sanctions for maliciously victimizing a vulnerable student and a teacher. It's good to be a prince. Maybe that's why Romney felt entitled to take a $10 million bailout for Bain, but opposed President Obama's bailout of the auto industry. He thinks there's one set of rules for the privileged, and another for the rest of us.

There is also the story of his arrest for disorderly conduct.  He had gone to  launch his boat in a lake.  There was a park ranger there who told him not to launch the boat because the registration had been painted over.  Mitt launched anyway, because it's only a $50 fine.  That "I'll do what I want" attitude is common among bullies.  

Or, there's any time a reporter or someone else calls him out on his "evolving" stances on issues.  You see, Mitt Romney is consistent on issues.  His current stance is the stance he's always had, regardless of what evidence you have to the contrary.  Mitt has always been at war with Oceania.  He gets upset when you ask him why he used to be at war with Eurasia.

Character matters in politics.  People's character often doesn't change in their lives.  If Mitt could provide any examples that his character has changed, I'd give him credit.  Unfortunately, evidence shows that he hasn't changed.

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