Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Why I Vote in Republican Primaries

I vote in Republican Primaries.

I have voted in every Republican Primary election since 2000 (when I first registered to vote) with one exception: 2010, when there was a Democratic Primary.  Had I known that Jim Matheson would win that primary by a 2-1 margin, I would have voted in that Republican Primary as well.

So, what is a center-left Democrat like me doing voting in Republican Primaries?

Simple.  I believe that any election that I, as a taxpayer, is an election I should vote in.

And let's face it, the primary election will probably decide the eventual office holder.  It's really the only chance I get to have a say in who my elected leaders are.

I know many Republicans who accuse me of voting for the easiest candidate to beat.  It's a fair accusation, especially because I know many Democrats who registered as Republican just to vote in this year's primary for a candidate they see as "more beatable."  However, I always vote for the "most tolerable" candidate.  In other words, I vote for the candidate that I feel most represents my views between the two.  Because again, the winners June 27 will probably win in November.

I am a registered Independent.  My parents are only registered as Republicans because they didn't fill out the form to change back to Independent two years ago.  They consider themselves very independent (they are much more conservative than me), and see being forced to declare a party affiliation as a horrible thing, because they want to vote, but don't want to call themselves "Republican."

As we get closer to election day, I will share with you who I'm voting for and why.  I realize that my "endorsement" is a negative in a Republican primary, but I want to declare why I vote for the people I vote for. It also helps me quantify my decision.


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