Friday, June 08, 2012

Mitt Romney's Religion flip-flop

One of they key tenets of the LDS Church is that in 1820, God appeared to Joseph Smith.  In fact, what differentiates Mormonism form other religions is the fact that we believe that God has spoken to, and through prophets from Joseph Smith and Brigham Young to Gordon B Hinckley and Thomas S Monson.

In fact, we also believe that there are other General Authorities that speak with God.  We also believe in personal revelation -- the concept that God can speak to us to guide us in our lives.

So why, in 2007, did Mitt Romney tell a Boston TV station in 2007 that he didn't think God had spoken to anyone since Moses?

Surely Missionary Mitt taught the first vision to people in France.  He probably even taught them about living prophets on the earth today speaking with God.

So, does Mitt Romney really believe that God hasn't spoken to anyone since Moses?

Or is he willing to lie about ANYTHING to become President, even his religion?

I think the answer is clear.


Mugsy said...

"hasn't spoken to anyone since Moses".

Interesting. That surely would undermine the very foundation of Mormonism... and "admitted" by a Mormon "High Priest" at that!

Buford said...

If'n God hasn't talked to anyone since Moses, who were Bachman, Santorum, and OOPS Perry talking to?????

Jan Rogozinski said...

Now we know for sure that Wilbur is not a Christian. The Christian scriptures in numerous places describe Jesus as having conversations with his "father"/God.

Wilbur apparently has not read the Jesus Scriptures either. Which report that several of the prophets living long after Moses also had conversations with God.

On TV, if one speaks in anything more than 3 word sound bites, he is accused of going off into the "weeds." Jesus's precise position as god/man as defined a the Council of Chalcedon definitely is a weedy topic. But, whatever one's theology as to whether or not Jesus himself is God, the Gospels make it clear that he spoke with the Father.

I often wonder whether Romney is a liar or just ignorant. I suppose with some statements, such as this one, he probably is both.

I’m not saying he’s wrong. I am saying it is clear Wilbur is outside the Judo-Christian tradition. If he would admit he is an atheist, that would be fine. But why does he pretend to be either a Mormon or a Christian?

Jan Rogozinski said...

In the second paragraph of my comment, the word "Jesus" is an error; the word should be "Jewish."

jazzidiot said...

Romney is way too ignorant to be an atheist.