Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Got National Props!

I logged on to Blogger to write a post when I saw this stat graphic:

What caused the spike in stats?

Well, It turns out that national blog Crooks and Liars featured my post on Mitt's Religion Flip-Flop on their blog roundup:

Yeah, I feel special.  Especially when you factor some stats from this post:

-My number one all-time (since Google Analytics started calculating in April 2006) visits in a day was June 9 2012.
-The number six all-time source of traffic to my blog is now Crooks and Liars.  100% of the visits have been in the last week. One of the sites above it is no longer in service.  Another probably hasn't sent traffic to me in a long time.  Another is Google.
-The number six all-time most read post is the one referenced by Crooks and Liars.  Only one other post in the top 10 was written since the 2008 election, and that was in 2009.

So, yes, I'm feeling the love.  Go to the link, read the post (and watch the video), and share it with friends.  Especially your friends who are voting for Romney because he's Mormon.