Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why Does Mike Winder Keep Bringing Up Richard Burwash?

(Photo credit: Mike Winder on Facebook)

So, for a long time, West Valley City Mayor Mike Winder wrote articles for the Deseret News (and other news organizations) under the name Richard Burwash.  These articles were about the positive things going on in West Valley City.  They were written under a pen name because the DNews didn't think it was a good idea for a sitting mayor to write articles for their web site.

When the story broke last fall, people were up in arms.  Mike Winder apologized, but he got fired from his full-time job as a PR guy.

It was a huge embarrassment for Mayor Winder, and usually candidates stay away from embarrassing things.

But not Mayor Winder.  Instead of discussing why he'd be best for Salt Lake County, he's posting pictures of Richard Burwash signs on Facebook.

And bringing Burwash up in debates:

And then, later in the debate, he was asked specifically about Burwash.  Usually, when you are trying to downplay something, you compare it to something minor.  Like toilet papering.

But, not Mike Winder:

Now, either Mike Winder doesn't think DUI are a big deal, or he has a strange sense of the world.

Either way, he's not fit to be mayor of anything, because he can't be trusted.  


(P.S. - If you aren't following Daniel Burton on Twitter, you should.  Even though he is a Republican, he has some great commentary, especially as he is live-blogging debates.  He's also just a good guy.)

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