Monday, September 30, 2013

Jim Matheson: Congressman of the year

Jim Matheson has voted with the Republicans just about each and every time they have voted on a bill dealing with ObamaCare the last several years, especially the last several months/weeks/days.

Then, he has the nerve to go and blames Republicans for the government shutdown coming tonight.

You know, the same Republicans he keeps voting with.

To Jim Matheson, that's called being a "moderate."

In reality, if Jim Matheson were a "moderate," he would use some of influence and seniority to work on a compromise.  Or at least propose a compromise.  After all, he has more seniority than 73% of Congress.

But that would mean the Congressman would have to work.  And if you measure congressmen by their avoidance of work, Matheson would be Congressman of the year.

This is a man who votes with the same special interests that have tried for a decade to beat him.  He won't hold a town hall meeting to meet with actual constituents.

So, Jim, I'm asking you again: Please, please stand up and propose a fix to this nation's problem.  I might even throw in a campaign contribution.  Heaven knows you need the money, since I've only gotten five emails this week asking for a donation to your campaign.

Of course, one of those five came from your mom, and two more were just "I hope you saw the email from Mom" resendings of the same email.

Hell, even your campaign is too lazy to write new material, just resending the same email a few times.

Maybe you are the Congressman of the Year,


JTalcott said...

He should just change political parties and stop the charade.

rmwarnick said...

Rep. Matheson voted to shut down the federal government - one of 2 Dems to do so. But I'm still calling it The Republican Shutdown.