Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Lessons From the Past 12 Years

Today marks the 12th anniversary of That Day.

The day we are told to "Never Forget."

As if we could forget the images burned into our brains.

But, as we look back on that day I want us to remember a lesson that we learned from that day:

"The enemy of our enemy is not our friend."

You see, the perpetrators of that attack became what they became with the help of the United States Government, because they were fighting against our enemy, the Soviets.

So, because of the attacks, we were in a long, drawn out war against an army using mostly the same weapons we gave them.  The war would have been much shorter, except our military's attention was drawn into another conflict.  This time, against another former "enemy of our enemy," Iraq.  In 2003, we thought that Iraq probably had weapons of mass destruction, other than those we sold it when they were fighting against another one of our enemies: Iran.  So, we also spent a long, long time fighting a war, only to discover that they didn't have the weapons we said they had.  oops.

Now, we stand on the brink of another war.  We are told that this one would be quick.  Yet, that's what we've been told before.

We've not yet been told how not engaging puts our lives in danger.

What we have now in Syria is a civil war -- a civil war with no clear-cut good guys, only bad guys.  On one hand, you have the long-time dictator, who may or may not have gassed some of his own people, including children.  Forget all the civilians, including children, who have died in this war so far -- these kids were gassed!  So, we're going to help the rebels. They are aligned with Al Qaeda.

You know, that group that attacked us 12 years ago.

Because the enemy of our enemy is obviously our friend.  Or not.

I don't see any scenario where engaging in this conflict makes us any safer.  Nor do I see where staying out of this conflict makes us less safe.  But, I can see were our involvement will make the world a much, much more dangerous place.

And that is why I am opposed to choosing sides in Syria -- because I can never forget those images burned into my brain from 12 years ago.


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