Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Bob's Totally Made-up, Probably BS Election Predictions 2014

So, here we are.  It's another Election Day.  It's the midterm election, which is kinda like Halloween: That thing that people overlook, but you really need to have happen before you can get into the Holiday Season.  I mean the REAL elections.

With that, here are my totally made up, probably BS election predictions for 2014.

The big race locally features Doug Owens versus Mia Love to replace Jim Matheson, who retired this year to work on his 2016 Senate 2016 Gubernatorial spending more time with his family, which is also what he does during the National Democratic Conventions.  In 2012, I said Mia Love would win by 2 points, and she lost by less than 750 votes.  This year, you're going to have to read this entire post to see my prediction.

The Republicans will control the Senate with 52 seats.

The Utah Democratic Party will lose on seat in the Utah House, and will come up with a net gain of zero in the Senate (Win in district 12, lose in district 4).  The Democrats will declare victory in their own "mission accomplished" moment, sans codpiece.

All three amendments will pass, ZAP will be renewed, and Sean Reyes will still be the Attorney General for Hire.  The only surprise will be the third party candidates in the AG race getting 10% of the vote.

Oh, and by 750 votes, we will get to see what the 2015 version of Representative Love will be like.

I won't be blogging election night (That has been a failure in the past), but follow me on Twitter and Facebook for my infrequent postings.


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