Wednesday, January 18, 2006

House District 36

When the filing period rolls around in March, I'll keep you posted on who is running for the offices. Until then, I'll let you in on some races I am keeping a eye on.

One of those races is House District 36. All of the districts surrounding 36 are held by Democrats, but 36 is represented by Susan Lawrence, a Republican. Challenger Gary Sackett spent $50,000 and lost in 2004. It also happens to be my house district. Now, it appears that a couple of Democrats are looking into the seat.

Cliff Lyon, former communications director for Rocky Anderson and campaign manager to Jenneke House stated last fall that he was interested in running for the House. He lives in 36.

Phil Reisen (spelling?), former KUTV-2 anchor and current furniture spokesperson has been calling Democratic delegates to announce his candidacy.


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