Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I'm sick of hearing about this movie

I'm sick and tired of reading about the movie. Which movie?

Brokeback Mountain.

It seems a local newscast doesn't go by, or a blog doesn't get posted to, without a mention of the movie. Frankly, it's much ado about nothing.

Larry Miller didn't act with censorship. Censorship comes from a governmental entity. LHM is *NOT* the government. Also, the claim of censorship doesn't hold, because it is playing at 4 other theaters in Salt Lake County, including the new Century in Sandy.

Also, where's the protestors against WestStates Theatres in Holladay? They didn't even have it scheduled they hate gay people so much.

The Transendant Sycophant (hat tip: Utah Policy Daily) has an interesting thought, that is consistant with Larry's one statement to the media:

First, I wonder if they ever considered that the decision may have been a fiscal one. I think that it is entirely within the realm of possibility that when Mr. Miller heard that "Brokeback Mountain" was a story about the romantic relationship between two cowboys, he may have thought that he would never be able to make any money showing a homosexual themed film in conservative Utah. Although it would have been a poor financial decision, because the film ended up doing very well in Salt Lake City, it does seem like a logical reason to pull the movie.

LHM also didn't make a large stand for morality, or else many movies playing at his three locations would not be playing. LHM is not a hero.

So, why does this story keep going? Because the media can't shut up about it. And, Larry has shut up about it. Mr Miller can get this solved the same way he got the "missing owner" contreversy out of the way: Hold a press conference.

Thell the media that you did what you thought was appropriate. Let them know that you are still not the moral watchdog. Then, tell the reporters that the next news agency that asks you a question about it will have their media credentials pulled for all Delta Center events. Imagine KSL's newscast without coverage of the Jazz.

Oh, will watching a movie about gay people make me gay? Well, I saw Glory Road last week, and I think I'm now a black college basketball player living in 1960s Texas. Or a racist. I'm not sure. I also saw Napoleon Dynamite last week, and I'm also a dorky high school kid in Idaho.

I'm so confused.


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