Sunday, January 08, 2006

Make it Gay

I have several gay-related thoughts, so I thought I'd combine them into one post. I'll try to segue them the best I can, but we'll see.

First, I watched Take Two this morning on channel 2. they had Sen Scott McCoy and some lady from the Legacy Law Center (I missed her name) talking about Sen Buttars's Gay/Strait Alliance bill. The pro-bill person was typical Republican yell, scream, flood the airwaves with statistics that may or may not be true, and don't listen to your opponant, and then smile smugly like you just won this huge battle. The best point that Sen McCoy was able to make was that GSAs aren't about sex, as Ms law person was suggesting. I tried calling in to reiterate the comments I've made in the past about banning talk about sex in schools.

Then, the clincher was her closing statement. I wish I had it recorded so I could transcript it. It was basically that it is legal for 16 and 17 year olds to have sex and make babies with no punishment. First, the baby is the punishment. Second, it has nothing to do with GSAs, as Sen McCoy pointed out: "It's not the Gay and Lesbian Students making babies..."

Which brings me to my second point: If Sen McCoy doesn't want to be labeled as "The Gay," then he needs to NOT be the front person on gay issues, and take up some other ones. My choice of Democrats to be on the front burner for the GSA issue: Carol Spackman-Moss. She was a full-time teacher at Olympus High before she was elected to the House, and still teaches part time at Skyline. She actually spends time in schools, and knows what kids are going through and saying.

Like "That's so gay." "Gay" has replaced the word "lame" in today's lexicon. I even catch myself doing this. It is still a popular insult to call someone (especially the more macho men) "Gay" "faggot" or a "homo." All of this is so, well, gay. (yes, this was point #3. If you figured that out, give yourself 3 points.)

Point #4: (Disclaimer: I work for Larry H Miller Sports and Entertainment Group, parent company of Jordan Commons. My employer is far removed from the movie theaters, but I think I still better say the views expressed herein are mine and not those of my employers or their affiliates)

In yesterday's papers (Tribune, DNews), they had a story about the Jordan Commons Complex deciding to not show the movie Brokeback Mountain. It turns out someone let Larry Miller know what the movie was about. I neither agree nor disagree with this decision.

As a business owner, he has every right to do this. However, if he is starting to ban movies at his theaters, why not ban the other two movies with gay themes: Rent and the Producers? (Producers does not have a gay theme as a whole, but there is a big joke about the theatre world being gay.)

Or how about movies like Wedding Crashers and Meet the Fockers that are all about Sex?

And tell the Jazz Dancers to put some clothes on. They are beatuiful girls even without showing as much skin.


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