Friday, August 25, 2006

Don't tell Rocky!

I guess Rocky Anderson is upset that the chair of the Utah Democratic Hispanic Caucus scheduled a pro-imigration rally for the evening of August 30, because Rocky was afraid that it would compete for people's attention from RockyFest06 (the event formerly known as NutcakeII).

Which is just plain silly, because the next time I see Rocky at a Democratic Party event....will be the first time.

But, Rocky will be even more upset at this week's Democratic Newsletter (he probably doesn't even get it).

They have information not only on RockyFest06, but on the non-political Support the troops rally.

That's being held at the same time as RockyFest06, but at Liberty Park.


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Jenni said...

As someone working on the August 30th event, I'm disappointed that you'd call it RockyFest. There are a lot of people with a broad spectrum of views working on this event. It's meant to be a forum for anyone who has issues with the Bush Administration to be able to express that.