Monday, August 28, 2006

Orrin Hatch Lies Again

"When I ran in 1976, I didn't have any money other than my own." (Source: Salt Lake Tribune, August 28, 2006)

"YOU ARE INVITED to meet RONALD REAGAN See and hear Governor Ronald Reagan speak at a special fund raising dinner for Orrin Hatch, Candidate for U.S. Senate. *Wednesday, Oct. 27 *Salt Lake Hilton *Dinner 7:30 pm $100. *Talk only 8:30 pm $20. For ticket information call: 364-8880 or 533-9777 Paid for and authorized by the Hatch for Senate Committee, A. Gary Nokes Chairman." (Ad appearing in the Salt Lake Tribune, October 25, 1976, page 18)

If Orrin Hatch had only his "own" money in 1976, why did Ron Reagan come do a fundraiser with him?


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