Thursday, August 17, 2006

Orrin Hatch Campaigns Before Labor Day, Part 2

Tooele Transcript Bulletin, 15 August 2006:

After attending the demolition derby at the Tooele County Fair on Aug. 5, Hatch was back in Tooele Valley on Monday where he met with the Tooele County Commission, Tooele Mayor Patrick Dunlavy, Grantsville Mayor Byron Anderson and other Republican supporters. He visited the Tooele Transcript-Bulletin and toured the Benson Grist Mill. Hatch was accompanied by Tooele County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Debbie Winn.

Who knew that the Senator was a demolition Derby fan? I sure didn't. But, OK, there's nothing unusual about a Senator visiting a part of his state, right?

Monday's sojourn to Tooele County kicks off Hatch's 2006 campaign with 84 days until the election.

Did Labor Day happen while I was in Wyoming and nobody told me???


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