Friday, September 29, 2006

Ignoring the problem

I have a new favorite Bill Clinton line: I Tried, but I failed. But at least I tried.

You see, the new Bush policy is to blame 9/11 on Clinton, because he was to obsessed with Monica and impeachment.

Who cares that the only reason that impeachment happened issue was because Republicans made it so? (Does that mean the impeachment lawers are to blame for 9/11? Let's ask Chris Cannon.)

However, as Keith Olbermann points out, The Bush Policy on terrorism from January 20, 2001 through 8:46 AM EST September 11, 2001 was to ignore terrorism.

Their policy since that time has been to ignore the real problem.

Sure, this week marks the five-year anniversary of the beginning of Operation Eduring Freedom, which has been an eduring failure. No Osama, the Taliban making a comback, larger opium crops than ever before.

Yes, it's been 5 years since the last terrorist attack on U.S. soil. But, it had been 8.5 years since the last AQ attack on U.S. soil when 9/11 happened.

Why is it that when there was a French intelligence report that Osama was dead last week, the US couldn't confirm or deny it because we had no clue?

Why was there a declassified report saying that terror cells are more prevailent than they were five years ago?

Even someone who doesn't know that Mitt Romney is a Mormon can figure out that the Bush Terrorism policy is failing.


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