Friday, September 29, 2006

Utah Mitt Romney Daily

I am a frequent reader of Utah Policy Daily. However, it seems like there is one topic that they talk about daily, and it's getting me a little upset.

That topic?

Mitt Romney.

Mr Webb over there seems to have a thing for Mitt. Every single day, there are links to every blog post about Mitt.

Who cares that there are at least to extremely interesting elections here locally between now and when the first people get to vote for Mitt (Novemebr 2006 and next year's Replace Rocky 07, with a possible special congressional election thrown into the mix)?

So, since UPD reads every post that even mentions Mitt, I declare this weekend Mention Mitt Romney Weekend (MMRW).

Every post will mention Mitt in some way, even if it's totally unrealted to the post.



brett said...

Thank you! I am so annoyed about the Mitt-Daily. LaVar needs to take a break from pointing out every blog that mentions Mitt and do something else. It is more annoying because it is blatantly biased information. We rarely see an article about how the Mass. Health Care solution is not working, or the problems with the Big Dig that Romney overlooked, or the fact that Romney IS NOT A UTAHN! He spent a couple years doing an ok job with the Olympics (I admit my bias, though, I wasn't here in 2002 and have only been around to witness what could only be described as Utah coming-down from an Olympic-induced high).
Put simply, I look forward to MMRW.

utah blogger said...

Amen and amen.

I swear, it's every damn day that Webb (I think it might be his son Golden) links to blog posts about Mitt Romney. It's completely disproportional to all of the other important issues going on in this state that are covered in the Utah blogosphere.

UPD, please stop fantasizing about Romney.