Monday, October 09, 2006

Cannon Reaction

So, I was going to post my reaction to Chis Cannon's comments on Thursday Night's Nightside program, but then life happened. I got called into work, followed by seeing a play (Chicago at PMT -- highly recomended), then ripping flowers our of their beds at Temple Square on Saturday, spending time with friends, and other shenanigans.

So, the comment I was going to make was that Cannon's words sounded like he was blaming the parents as much as he was blaming the pages.

Which he confirmed Friday to both KSL and to CNN.

Yes, it's the parent's responsibility to teach their childen that big, scary men roam the internet to prey on little kids.

#1, These kids didn't meet the predator online. He met them in the United States House of Representatives. #2, Do parent's now need to warn their children about big, scary men who roam the halls of Congress to prey on little kids?

I think that question best goes unanswered.


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