Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mitt Romney's Problems

The following was a comment from anonymous on a previous post:

Romney has a lot of problems.
1. Bad disapproval ratings coming out MA.
2. Bad Name ID nationally.
3. Flip Flopper on Abortion and Gay Marriage.
4. Prominent Mormon Utahns do not support him. Huntsman and Shurtliff support McCain.
5. Dealing with bigotted right wing evangelical anti-mormons that control GOP.

Mitt will go the way of Orrin Hatch and Gary Bauer. He will be out of the race a little over a year from now. He is a waste of all the money he will suck out of donors in Utah.

Thank you for putting it so well. Now, just sign your name to your posts....

Oh, and it looks like the nominee will be decided just under a year from now.


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