Friday, August 24, 2007

Senate Republicans put up a paper excuse for their support of people who torture cute animals

The Senate Site posted the following comment to my post "Utah Republicans Support Puppy Torture":

Utah Republicans Support Puppy Torture.

Must be an election year.

That is a lousy excuse for two reasons.

1) Because it says that torturing puppys is an election year issue, like flag burning and abortion.

2) Because it is the year 2007, therefore NOT an election year. 2008 is an election year.

Therefore, I hereby call out the authors over at The Senate Site and ask them to provide an excuse for why they all voted to turn this bill away. You may post it to your blog, or you may post it in the comments here.

It's all up to you.


1 comment:

The Senate Site said...

Easy, tiger. Your headline made me laugh. As in – sure, and we hate grandma, Christmas, and oxygen too.

Protecting puppies is what we agree on. The disagreement has been over which of two bills prevents animal cruelty best with minimal unintended consequences. Senators Davis and Christensen did an impressive job on Wednesday looking past ego and building a third option that is probably better than either of the first two bills. They said they are very close to an agreement. We expect to pass their new bill in January.