Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dnews and the stupidest poll ever

The Deseret News has one of the stupidest polls in the history of politics in today's paper.

I mean, really, the poll might as well have been "which candidate would you most want to play monopoly with." Because that would be about as good.

Most of the article centers on whether Utahns think that Mitt still has a chance.

Like, maybe if we clap our hands enough here in Utah, he won't die.

They also asked if Mitt's Mormonism hurt him in Iowa. I think Mitt's lack of honesty, and therefore lack of Mormonism, hurt him in the race.

But the most telling question in the poll: Who do you want to win, and who do you think will win in November.

The want to win:
Romney: 55%
Don't Know: 11%
Hillary Clinton 11%
Barack Obama: 8%
Everyone Else below Margin of Error.

Who Utah Thinks Will Win:
Don't know: 33%
Obama: 19%
Romney: 17%
Clinton: 14%
John McCain: 9%
Everyone Else under margin of error.

How about who people will be voting for on November 5?

That wasn't asked.


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