Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Obama vs a McCain/Huckabee ticket Blue Gold for Utah?

I have heard from several of my Republican friends (including several who previously thought I was going to Hell for being a Democrat) who have told me over the past several weeks that they would vote for Obama over McCain and/or Huckabee.

And, my friends are not the only ones who are thinking this way.

From texts to KSL's Nightside Project, stolen from SLCSPIN:

Im cory age 31 in bountiful. im a republican. i vote 4 romney. i hate mccain and will vote 4 obama if it comes to it.

One huge reason why i Think the younger generation would rather vote obama over McCain is because he comes across to be more trustworthy. McCain is a dirty guy

Im a white lds male 27 years old, we need change and obama has my vote!

Obma has my vote, if romeny doesn’t win I’m 35 year male rep lds.

When was the last candidate you were inspired by? I can’t declare my vote now, but obama is definitely an option

Why is Huck still in the race? haha I will vote Osama Obama over McCain unless he has one hell of a VP! 31 male no relig here

I am LDS and i am a conservative liberal. But i WILL NOT vote for hilary or McCain. I will write in ethan first! Lol

Im a 26 yr old rep. if its obama vs mcain i will vote obama.

I would vote obama over clinton and mccain…or i won’t vote at all. Its like choosing moldy cheese over rotten meat.

I will be voting for Obama if its between him and McCain. I have noticed as a student at WSU that most of the students i see are going to vote for Obama

U guys are right. Obama is my 2nd choice after romney

I would even prefer Hillary over a McCain Huckabee ticket, but definitely Obama, and I’m a 25 year old male.

I am a republican. If mccain wins the nomination, Obama all the way.

I am 27 male and live in Murray and I am a Rommey supporter but I am more willing to learn more about the democratic party and Obama. At least they seem honest.

I love that Utahans are opening their eyes and reasearching the issues. I would love to watch KSL in November and see a possible blue state.

19 male lds work for utah air national guard and also a student i am a strong republican i voted for romney today but if mcCain is chosen for the gop candiedent im voting for obama or hillary

I would rather sacrifice and go for obamas liberalism than mccains and the damage he may do.

I agree with the idea that mccain is more conservative than obama, but i want us utahans to make a statement that we don’t support collusions, dishonesty, and double standards. I would rather have someone that tells the truth about being a liberal.

36, LDS, male, republican, attorney. Voting Hillary or Obama.

27 l.d.s. Work @ walmart voting obama!!!

Mccain makes my skin crawl. For the first time in my life I will vote for a democrate. 52 years old Independent

Any one but john m! not lds rep,25,slc

Now, granted, when we come down to November, some of these people will vote for Satan if he has an R behind his name when they get to the ballot box, but some of them may just go for Obama. In fact, one blogger makes a bold prediction:

If Romney does hang up the towel, and the race becomes a two man race between McCain and Huckabee. Utah will go to a Democrat in the general election for the first time since 1964 (if Obama can get the Democratic nomination)

And, things like this will only help:

Mrs. Michelle Obama met with two apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints today shortly after a campaign stop in Salt Lake City on behalf of her husband, Senator Barack Obama.

Mrs. Obama met with Elder M. Russell Ballard and Elder Quentin L. Cook, of the Twelve Apostles.

Although the Church is neutral in party politics, it is common for political and government leaders to pay brief calls on Church leadership. The half-hour meeting focused mostly on family values.

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