Thursday, May 22, 2008

Delegate Countdown

Current Delegate Count, 5/22/2008:

Needed to Nominate: 2026
Barack Obama: 1964 (62 needed)
Hillary Clinton: 1780 (246 needed)
John Edwards: 9
Available: 297

Obama needs 20.9% of available Delegates.
Clinton needs 82.8% of available Delegates.

Now, what happens if we throw Florida and Michigan in the mix?

Needed to Nominate: 2210
Barack Obama 2043 (167 needed)
Hillary Clinton 1973 (237 needed)
Uncommitted 55
John Edwards 20
Available 327

Obama needs 43.7% of available + uncommitted Delegates.
Clinton needs 62.0% of available + uncommitted Delegates.


David said...

How did you choose the Florida and Michigan numbers for each candidate?

I just don't know how to project what would happen if those delegations are seated although I agree that Obama still has a substantial lead if they are seated.

Bob said...

I ran numbers from results of those two primaries.

However, the Michigan number especially would be better for Obama than this, because any kind of compromise would throw out the results.