Monday, September 26, 2011

Release: Utah Democratic Party Announces LDS Dems

I got this in the email today. I was asking for this in early 2008. I'm glad to see a State Party Chair the recognizes that we shouldn't hide our light under a bushel.

SALT LAKE CITY -- Newly elected USDC chair Jim Dabakis has repeatedly stated that he wants more Latter-day Saints to feel welcome in the Utah State Democratic Party. Party organizers today announced the formation of LDS Dems which will soon be an official caucus of the Utah State Democratic Party.

“For far too long, too many of my fellow Latter-day Saints say that you must be a Republican in order to be a good Mormon. That’s just not true!” states Senator Ben McAdams, interim chair of LDS Dems. “We’re here as LDS Dems to show you that can be a good democrat and a good Latter-day Saint.”

Steve Olsen, chair of the Weber County Democratic Party and an LDS Dems member, agrees: “No official statement from the First Presidency is more ignored by Latter-day Saints in Utah than the counsel: ‘All major American political parties have values consistent with gospel.’ Our main purpose is to help our fellow Latter-day Saints wholeheartedly accept this counsel from the Brethren.”

The caucus’s first event will be a pre-General Conference Breakfast. The breakfast will be from 8:00 - 9:30 am on Saturday, October 1st at Pavilion #3 in Murray Park. Former Representative Trisha Beck is chairing the breakfast. Pancakes, bacon, and fruit from the local Murray Farmers Market will be prepared by currently elected democrat officials who are also LDS.

“I am truly excited for LDS Dems. I'm a democrat because I feel that democrats best reflect the values of charitable love, family, and community that are the basis of my faith,” states Utah Common Values Executive Director and LDS Dems member Craig Janis.

“Whether you’re a conservative, moderate, or progressive Democrat -- or you’re a moderate and belong to no party -- you’re welcome and invited to join LDS Dems!” says LDS Dems member Diane Stewart.

LDS Dems will host activities that allow its members to get to know each other and provide a means to introduce moderates to democratic ideas in a comfortable, LDS-based setting. It will also conduct a comprehensive outreach effort.

“As I prayerfully and seriously consider the issues facing our State and Country today, I'm convinced that as a ‘good Mormon’, I must be a Democrat. The values that I hold dear as a Latter-day Saint -- agency and accountability, charity, defending this promised land of America while respecting our role in the world, and respecting everyone's God-given rights -- are all more at home in the democratic platform than any other political party,” states Doug Hawks, chair of the Iron County Democratic Party and an LDS Dems member.

Concludes Erika Munson, also a member of LDS Dems, “My commitment to the Democratic Party answers the question ‘Have I Done Any Good in the World Today?’ One of the great blessings of democracy is that citizens can do more good for more people by working and sacrificing together than they can alone.”

To become a member of LDS Dems, go to The complete website will be launched on October 1.


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