Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mitt Romney's 20-second flip flop

1:55 mark -- condemns Administration for "standing by" the Embassy's statement.
2:15 mark -- condemns Administration for "distancing" themselves from the Embassy's statement.

Wow, 20 seconds from flip to flop.

And, the best part was why he said distancing yourself from the statement was bad: because it sends an inconsistent message to the world.

Like contradicting yourself in the matter of 20 seconds.

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Nacilbupera said...

I think Romney said something like blah blah blah platitudes, non-specific, I love Constitutional values and I'm going to use force so you will love my country's values too. Does any of this really make sense given Romney's poor knowledge of the Constitution, disdain for freedom or civil liberties, or even aversion to use of the golden rule as a measure of diplomacy?