Friday, September 14, 2012

Mitt Romney's 4 Positions on Embassy Attacks

A Timeline of events:

1) US embassy in Egypt releases statement condemning movie made by Americans mocking Islam.  Statement is released to try to quell protest/riot in front of Embassy.

2) US Embassy in Libya is attacked during a similar protest.  4 people, including the Ambassador, are killed.

3) After the news of the attack, but before word of the deaths is released, Mitt Romney issues a statement.  The statement reads, in part, "It’s disgraceful that the Obama administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks."

4) The next morning, Mitt holds a press conference, where he admits that the statement he was referring to was the one from the embassy.  He condemns the Obama Administration for standing by the statement.

5) 20 seconds later, Romney sets a personal record for flip flopping, condemning the administration for distancing themselves from the statement.

6) Does interview with ABC where he says that white house agrees with him that the statement was bad.

7) In same interview, condemns movie made by Americans mocking Islam. "I think the whole film is a terrible idea. I think him making it, promoting it showing it is disrespectful to people of other faiths. I don't think that should happen. I think people should have the common courtesy and judgment- the good judgment- not to be- not to offend other peoples' faiths. It's a very bad thing, I think, this guy's doing."

Lost, well, let's recap the positions:

-Supporting statement condemning movie is bad.
-Not supporting statement condemning movie is bad.
-Not supporting statement condemning movie is good.
-Supporting statement condemning movie is good.

Several of my Republican friends have posted columns declaring Romney right on this issue.  Well, if you hold one hand behind my back, ask me to guess how many fingers you are holding up, and give me 5 guesses, I'll probably be right.

It must be hard being a Republican and remembering what position you hold this minute.


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