Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Post #299 -- Highly Recomended

When I hit 100 and 200 posts, I made a big deal about it. Post #300 will be big and will celebrate a huge milestone for me, and I will be celebrating a few things. However, post 300 needs to stand on it's own.

So, with #299, I will offer a look back, and hopefully provide some insight on this blog's past.

Post #2 February 18, 2004: Post #1 was about NASCAR (back when this was a sightless blog), but #2 was the first political post. Ironic that I mention Shaun, who is now "the guy who lives in my basement."

April 24, 2004: My first County Convention, once again I mention Shaun.

May 28, 2004: A post on outrageous gas prices at $2.026 a gallon.

May 30, 2004: I meet Howard Dean

March 16, 2005: My blog wins it's first award (I bet you didn't even know I was awars winning)

August 26, 2005: I nominate the World's Worst Blog.

September 24, 2005: I defend my right to be harsh on Democrats.

October 18, 2005: 10 Things to do to win in 2006.

November 17, 2005: Post #100

Also November 17, 2005: Hatch = Big Oil (kinda fitting today, ain't it.)

January 19, 2006: I'm a card carrying Republican

February 7, 2006: Post #200.

February 10, 2006: Rob Miller's new blog is celebrated. By the way, he HIGHLY RECOMMENDED my blog.

February 28, 2006: From the Home Office in Holladay, Utah; Tonight's Top 10 List: "Having Dubai run U.S. ports is like..."

March 21, 2006: I'm madder'n Hell!

Enjoy the trip down Memory Lane. I've decided that some day I'll have to post all of my Hatch v Ashdown posts.


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Ethan said...

Congratulations, I look forward to the next 100.